Stock Pick: NIKL


Nickel Asia Corporation (NIKL)

Plan: Short-term trade (1 day – 6 months)

Buy at P6.94-P7.00

Sell at P7.20-P8.00

Cut at P6.50


By tacticaltrader

Stock Pick: Petron Corporation


The stock is in long-term downtrend, but in a short-term uptrend. The 20 day moving average was able to cross above the 60, 120, and 240 (gray line) day moving averages, which signals an absolute shift in trend in the short-term. In addition, the 60 day moving average bullishly crossed above the 120 day moving average, which strengthens the short-term uptrend. Currently, the stock is consolidating between P9.76-P10.50 and forming a flag pattern. There is a possibility that it is poised for a breakout in the future to reach higher price levels. The Stochastics is showing a bullish turn while the MACD is well above the 0 centerline, both of which signals that the uptrend is still intact.

Suggested Strategy: Buy the stock between the 20 day moving average (P9.76) and the immediate support at P10. The cut loss point is when the price goes below the 20-day moving average. The stock has a short-term target price at P11.50.


By tacticaltrader

PSEi Update: 11-5-15


Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi)

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend (1 day – 6 months) : Downtrend

Open: 7,191.31

High: 7,191.31

Low: 7,109.74

Close: 7,122.45

Uh oh… the market has been struggling to rally these past days and today it plummeted by 1.1%. Shall we see 7,000 soon? Let’s see… Something tells me the market will more likely go down than up tomorrow. Black Friday alert. Dun dun dun. Observe the market for the meantime folks!



By tacticaltrader

PSEi Quick Update: 11-2-15


Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi)

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend (1 day – 6 months) : Downtrend

Open: 7,179.31

High: 7,198.85

Low: 7,156.75

Close: 7,198.85

So far, the PSEi was able to hold above its crucial support at 7,120. Good job for the market! To give more confidence to the market, some blue chip index stocks look poised to go up when I checked their charts. I hope today’s white candle is a spark that will ignite a rally towards 7,400, a major resistance. Still crossing my fingers that the market will continue to trend up.

By tacticaltrader

PSEi Update: 11-1-2015


Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi)

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend (1 day – 6 months) : Downtrend

Open: 7,186.13

High: 7,210.76

Low: 7,134.26

Close: 7,134.26

After rallying to a high of 7,377.48, the PSEi lost its luster and corrected the following days to close at 7,134.26 last Friday. 7,120 is a crucial support because it acts as a trend line support of a month-long uptrend that started on October. Based on technical indicators, 7,120 is also a strong support, so if strong support breaks, then anticipate the market to go down significantly. If 7,120 holds, then there is a better chance that the uptrend will continue to go up and retest resistances.

In case 7,120 breaks, then the index can retest 7,000. A break below 7,000 can pose a risk to the market to plummet further to 6,800-6,880. At these levels, the index may experience a bounce.

Currently, it would be best to observe the index and see if 7,120 holds continuously in the next days/weeks.

By tacticaltrader

PSEi Update: 10-25-15


Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) 

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend (1 day – 6 months) : Downtrend

Open: 7,142.54

High: 7,255.08

Low: 7,142.54

Close: 7,236.38

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) has been performing well these past 3 days, but there is an immediate resistance at 7,250-7,270. After 7,250-7,270, the next major resistance is at 7,400. A bump can be anticipated at 7,4xx levels. Retesting the 8,000 mark will take a while. No one can really tell yet when 8,000 can be reached, but as far as I am concerned, some catalysts that can push the market up are the consumer spending from the BER months, the election spending that have already started, and the third quarter earnings results that will come out soon — hopefully, they’ll be better than consensus estimates. Best to keep holding on to your stocks, especially if you were able to buy at the 6,600-6,700 levels during the panic sell-off.

By tacticaltrader

PSEi Update: 10-5-15


Philippine Stock Exchange (PSEi) 

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend (1 day – 6 months) : Downtrend

Open: 6,842.62

High: 7,016.07

Low: 6,842.62

Close: 6961.93

Last September 29, 2015, the stock market plunged to 6,720.82, but went up to close at the high of 6,859.29. The price action of the stock market on that day was uncanny because it showed a sudden surge of strength. After that day, the market hovered sideways above the 6,800 mark on the next 3 trading days. Now, the market went up by 0.60% and it even made an intraday high of 7,016.07, challenging the 7,000 resistance. Unfortunately, it was not able to hold above that level.

Based on my technical analysis, the stock market is at the “make or break” stage wherein there is a possibility that it can convincingly break above 7,000 and rally to test the next major resistance at 7,200 in the short-term. However, if the stock market does not convincingly break above the 7,000 resistance, then it may retest 6,720, the low last Sept 29, and may even break below it to continue trending downwards. In the positive scenario of rallying towards 7,200 after convincingly breaking 7,000, it remains to be seen if the market can trend upwards again or experience a bump at 7,200.

By tacticaltrader

Stock Feature: Xurpas, Inc. (X)


Xurpas, Inc. (X)

Long-term Trend (5+ years): N/A

Short-term Trend (1 day – 6 months): Uptrend (broke out from sideways)

Open: P12.80

High: P14.00

Low: P12.80

Close: P13.70

The stock recently broke out from its resistance at P12.88. Last August, the stock was already retesting its resistance at P12.88 and trying to break above it. Unfortunately, there was negative news coming from China that they were devaluing their currency. In effect, there was a global sell-off and the Philippine market was not spared. There were a lot of stocks that became collateral damage because some stocks went down even though the devaluation of the Yuan does not directly affect these handful of stocks. X is one of them.

Based on technical analysis, the stock has a potential to go up further in the short-term (1 day to 6 months). Momentum is there and foreign investors have been aggressively buying the stock. It would be best to observe the stock and buy the stock on dips (significant corrections).

Short-term (1 day – 6 months) Trading: 

Buy: P12-P12.50

Cut: Below P11.50

Target: P16

Upside: 28%

By tacticaltrader

PSEi Update: 9-23-15


Philippine Stock Exchange (PSEi) 

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend: Downtrend

Open: 7,025.30

High: 7,025.30

Low: 6,922.47

Close: 6,926.91

The PSEi gapped down and is nearing the support at 6,860-6,880. There is a possibility that the index can go down further and even break the immediate support at 6,860-6,880. The next major supports are at 6,800 and 6,600. The crucial support is at 6,600. If the support at 6,600 gets broken, then there is a good possibility that the index can trend down further. If it trends down further it can eventually go to 6,000 — a major support and a good buying level. If the index trends down, then anticipate that there are some minor rallies as the index trends down to 6,000. It would be best to take profits, especially if you are able to buy stocks when the market went down to 6,600.

By tacticaltrader

PSEi Update 8-24-15


Philippine Stock Index (PSEi) 

Long-term Trend (5+ years): Uptrend

Short-term Trend: Downtrend

Open: 7,112.48

High: 7,112.48

Low: 6,726.48

Close: 6,791.01

The PSEi gapped down and destroyed the 7,200-7,250 support without even physically touching it. At these levels, the index is oversold and the drop is quite exaggerated, especially that the fundamentals of local companies in the Philippines still remain intact and only a handful of local companies would be affected by the devaluation of the Yuan.

At these levels, a lot of blue chip stocks and second liners could be bought. It would be best to allocation a portion of your fund to buy stocks at these levels and reserve bulk of the fund to buy more stocks when they go down further. 6,500-6,550 is the next major support. After that, 6,000 is the next major support.

By tacticaltrader